Consulting Services

Michael Fischer and Associates offers restaurateurs, café operators and hospitality management assistance in a wide variety of consulting services. We know your business. At least, we know the fundamentals about how you could be managing your business better.

The following list contains some of the aspects of service offered by Michael Fischer and Associates. You need to be aware that there is not template for management challenges. Each opportunity needs to be issue specific and needs to focus on you, the client.


  • Market Analysis:
    • Demographic Research
    • Competitive Environment
    • Market Niche
  • Financial Planning:
    • Capital Budgeting
    • Sales Forecasting
    • Cost Planning
    • Business Plan
  • Concept Development:
    • Size
    • Scope
    • Format
    • Seats/Bar/Back of House
    • Style
    • Menu Direction and Development
    • Pricing
    • Character
  • Lease Analysis
    • Before you commit
    • What are your obligations
    • What are your threats


  • Operational Review:
    • Purchasing
    • Receiving
    • Storage
    • Production
    • Costing
    • Stock Holding
    • Service
    • Training
    • Menu Composition
    • Concept Analysis
  • Operating Systems:
    • Purchasing Systems
    • Reservation Policy
    • Beverage Systems
    • Quality Control
    • Food and Beverage Service
    • Management
    • Maintenance
    • Compliance
  • Staffing and Training:
    • Job Descriptions
    • Hiring
    • Manuals
    • Hands on Training
    • Apprenticeships
    • Rostering
  • Marketing:
    • Advertising
    • IT Marketing
    • Web Site Development
    • Promotions Development
    • Merchandising
    • Publicist Advice


Michael Fischer & Associates will analyse your existing lease. If you are committed to an existing lease, there is often not much you can do about changing the terms and conditions contained in the lease. However, we can assist you in making representations to your landlord in an attempt to change some of the circumstances which may be hindering the chances of you making a success of your business.

However, it is important for you to be aware that the success or failure of your business does not hinge on your landlord. You cannot expect a landlord to make financial sacrifices unless every attempt by you, the operator, to make meaningful changes to the way you operate your business.


Michael Fischer & Associates offers a Mentoring and Business programme designed to assist you manage your business in a more efficient and profitable manner. Managing a small business is often a lonely experience and the opportunity to discuss business plans and operations from an objective perspective is limited to “paid” employees.

Our programme is designed to assist you with operational challenges. It is an on-going support system which is flexible in its delivery and there when you need us to be. It is a cost effective, supportive and individually tailored to meet your particular challenges.

Our Mentoring and Coaching Programme may also be used as a resource by business owners/investors who are not active on a day-to-day basis. We can be the medium between investors and management. Our advice would then be 2 directional.


There are 2 aspects involved in Tender Documentation:

1. Writing a specific document for the designed location:

  • Michael Fischer &Associates will meet with you on site and talk to you about your desired outcomes. What do you want from the Tender Document – what are you prepared to offer and what do you require from the Tenderer?
  • How do you want the Tender Information to be communicated? Do you want to advertise is relevant media? Do you want a selective Tender process to selected targets? Do you want to email?
  • What is the relevant information contained within the documentation?
  • Preparation of the Draft Tender Documentation and a review meeting.
  • Sign-off and Confirmation of the Tender Document
  • Quotation for the Tender Document writing process is charged on an agreed hourly

2. Responding to the Tender Document

Michael Fischer & Associates provides you, the responder to the Tender Document, a service where we assist you in your draft response before submission.

To do this review we need to:

  • Check your response against the selection criteria
  • Areas in which we believe your document can be improved.

We will also assure you that your Tender Document is compliant in:

  • Occupational health and safety
  • Insurance Issues
  • Discrimination Issues
  • Risk management
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Harassment
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Management Strategies
  • Other
  • Quotation for the Tender Document writing process is charged on an agreed hourly

Both Documents have to be accurate, precise, informative, and decisive.

Michael Fischer & Associates can assist in both forms of documentation.


Michael Fischer & Associates have been engaged by mediators, solicitors, Government Agencies and other clients to provide an expert opinion relating to an aspect of the Restaurant, Café, Catering or Hospitality Industry – the area of our expertise. Often, these opinions relate to a dispute which can lead to legal proceedings. These reports have to be prepared under the statutes and guidelines of the Court.

The usual procedure involves receiving a brief or instructions from a Solicitor who has been appointed by the client and who gives us the background to the issues involved. The Solicitor provides us with supporting evidence and our task is to review and give an opinion on the circumstances and base our report on predetermined question.
Unless the matter can be settled before going to Court – we may be required to give evidence before the Court.