• This is a contemporary designed Japanese Izakaya and bar operation – which combines an outstanding combination of food, beverage and atmosphere.
  • This is a well-known local icon – established more than five years ago – and has a reputation for excellent service, quality but casual bar food and funky cocktails
  • This is a first time business offering ; seating capacity of approximately 50 inside + 14 on the footpath
  • The food is usually more important than in other types of drinking establishments in Japan such as bars and snack bars. They are popular, casual and relatively cheap.
  • The current business model – owner operator generates revenue to the owner approximately $195,000.
  • The Outgoings for the Restaurant include many operating expenses usually associated with restaurant day to day expenses including: Pest control; Grease Trap; Water; Trade Waste

 Asking Price: $150,000 WALK-IN WALK-OUT + Stock at Valuation.

 For details: Michael Fischer Tel: 9211 6088   Mobile: 0418 866 899

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